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Solo Travel Myths and RealitiesSolo Travel: Myths and Realities by Lies Ouwerkerk, Senior Contributing Editor
As if my sometimes off-limits travel destinations are not frowned upon enough already, my preference for solo travel seems even more reason to doubt my sanity. "You must often feel lonely" friends and colleagues use to say in pity, "don't you hate to eat alone all the time?" The truth is that when I travel on my own, I am hardly ever alone... 10 Tips From a Seasoned Solo Traveler: How to Make the Best of Your Travels Abroad by Ted Campbell
Advice derived from years of independent travel, mistakes and all, by one who has seen the world from many perspectives. Rolf Potts on Long-Term Travel: An Interview
Rolf Potts, often called the "Jack Kerouac of the Internet Age" and author of the inspiring immediate classic Vagabonding, tells Dr. Clay A. Hubbs what motivates his travel writing and ponders the self-imposed limitations which prevent many from traveling independently abroad. Solo Traveler Tips How to Make a Great Travel Itinerary by Robert Reid, "How to Enjoy the World" Columnist
Some say a trip’s rewards come at an inverse relationship with anticipation. The less you think about it beforehand, the greater it will be. It’s awful advice, really. Planning a trip — and getting excited from all the planning — is half the fun of travel. And that’s the only way you can be sure you’re going to have a personalized trip you really want.
So here are some ways to do that. How to Be a Travel Show-Off by Robert Reid
Robert Reid holds a mirror up to those with a compulsive love for bragging about about their travels, either overtly or through what some have called the "humblebrag, " and offers some friendly suggestions. Rolf Potts' Vagabonding How to Dislike a Destination by Robert Reid
Good travelers do not treat a destination like a restaurant, like impatient consumers, and offer peoples and cultures every chance with an open mind, even if initial experiences are not always equally overwhelming. How to Fall in Love with the Flatlands by Robert Reid
Mountains are nice to look at, but they tend to get in the way of a view... How to Be an Ugly American by Robert Reid
In his new column, prolific traveler and travel writer Robert Reid both brings to light the historical stereotype and debunks the myth of the 'Ugly American' traveler while exploring an image that no longer applies, even using worldwide surveys to support his observations. How to Pack Light for Independent Travel Abroad: Tips and Checklists
Practical strategies and checklists to help you travel light and avoid the mistakes many make by taking far too much on the road.
For the past years I have had one faithful companion on many overseas trips: my laptop computer. While this companionship has not been without challenges, I have found my computer to be an indispensable tool on most of my travels, especially on long-term trips.Travel itinerary Australia Outback As a travel writer and researcher, my laptop is a necessary tool to work on stories and meet research deadlines... Protecting Your Laptop and Sensitive Information Abroad
Nora Dunn explores ways to increase security for the sensitive information you store on your laptop computer while traveling independently abroad, and interviews an expert. Preparing for Travel Abroad: Gathering and Traveling with Official Documents
Nora Dunn discusses how to most safely travel abroad with all your legal documents in order and backed up in several ways. by Lies Ouwerkerk
In the Far East, traditional inns or guesthouses are some of the best ways to travel independently and immerse yourself in the local culture for a more authentic experience. by Nora Dunn
An excerpt from Nora Dunn's new ebook where she offers fascinating travel immersion stories of train trips and routes worldwide, short and long, famous and lesser known. by Nora Dunn
"Seeing Australia by way of a campervan is a classic road trip. Many areas of this vast country are remote enough that in order to enjoy the quiet splendor of the Australian landscape you need to be relatively self-sufficient. And Australian campervan holidays are not only a popular option for those visiting from overseas, but native Australians are also renowned for loving the campervan and caravan circuit."
Bulgaria Travel in the flatlands The Ugly American Myth Pack and travel light
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Phillips Norelco Norelco Travel Men's Shaver with Close-Cut Technology and Independent Floating Heads, Self-Sharpening Blades, 2 x AA Batteries Included
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Independent travel part two
Independent travel part two
Travel Cambodia- Independent beach
Travel Cambodia- Independent beach
Monograms. Independent Travel. Simplified.
Monograms. Independent Travel. Simplified.
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Travel And Play Independent Travel
Mobile Application (Travel And Play)
  • Personal application for Independent Trip;
  • Information about travelling by train, plane, bus or car;
  • Practical advice and tips from travelers;
  • Expenses planner to help you manage all spends;
  • Checklist for clothes, medicine, gadgets, documents and others;
  • Information about flights and hotels where you are going to stay;
  • Keep notes about every step you make;
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