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Byways Cover 25 SMALLByways Rivers & Lakes issue features the Hudson River Valley, and we discover the the delights of Dutchess County. In Milwaukee, we learn that Milwaukee’s waterfront has evolved into a stellar cultural and recreational mecca. In Minnesota, we experience its remarkable waterways. From the land of nearly 12, 000 thousand lakes, to the birthplace of the great Mississippi River. Byways cover story takes us to the Ohio River, where the country’s oldest steamboat, the Belle of Louisville, has just turned 101. Downriver, Owensboro, KY has a new waterfront, and a lot more going on.

Featuring the white sandy beaches of Alabama, Cruising California’s Coast, Ventura County West, Canada’s Prince Edward Island & Virginia Beach. Plus, Music City Roots, The Birthplace of Texas, and Universal Studios 50th anniversary year.

Featuring Sedona, Arizona, Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range, The Grand Canyon of Texas, Wheeling, WV, New York’s Hudson Valley, and North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley, and more. Plus the Mob Museum, One World Trade Center Observatory and more!

Byways now includes video clips in editorial features and advertising. Be sure and CLICK ON VIDEO to preview video in this issue of Byways!

Featuring leading railroads in North America, Including the Alaska Railroad, California’s Roaring Camp Railroad, Texas State Railroad, Steamtown NHS in Pennsylvania, West Virginia’s Durbin & Greenbrier/Cass Railroads and the Essex Railroad in Connecticut.

Click below to view the latest issue of Byways.

Byways Magazine has released its annual listing of the Top Group Tour Destinations for 2015 in its latest issue.

Three small communities were included in the Top 5 city destinations.

The results also include the Top 30 States, the Top 5 Canadian Provinces, The Top Attractions, and the Top Group Friendly Hotels and Restaurants.

The cover story features One World Trade Center in New York City, rising from the ashes of 9/11.

Also featured are the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, The St. Louis Gateway Arch, Cruising to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, and Yosemite.

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How do I make sure my 6-month old infant has least bother while travelling on a long international flight, say, India-US?

A front pack is great for getting on and off the plane and during landing and take off as it frees your hands but your baby is firmly attached to you and more likely to be calm.  Nursing can be helpful for pressure changes that can cause ear pain and may bring on a nap.  Bring their car seat on the plane if you think you will have an empty seat next to you or get them their own seat -- everyone will be more comfortable including the child and your neighbors and you have more room to maneuver and play.  Try to get a bulkhead seat for a bit more room -- especially on a long flight.
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