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Jan and Janny

For four years in a row Jan and Janny visited Bob during winter. Directly below is the travelogue of 2015. Further down you can read their story of last year.

Travelogue 2015

Once again we have been in Thailand for seven weeks. We visited the refugees of the Karen tribe in Pala U.

We collected money for the project of Bob: The collection at our birthdays yielded an amount of money. Besides we had the contents of the charity kitty of the cafe of our daughter in law. Furthermore we received several gifts. Thanks to all who contributed to this, also on behalf of Bob!

In Thailand we bought candies, cookies and cans of fish. The remaining of the amount was given to Bob. He uses it for the food project, diapers for two disabled children and medicine for one of those children. Currently Bob provides 22 families with food. He delivers this at the Bible school.

The reunion with the people of the Bible school and the families is cordial. It is unfortunate that we can not understand the families, but using sign language helps a lot. It is nice that they knew us from previous times, it feels good.

The family of grandmother with her disabled granddaughter (18 years) is worrisome. Grandma can not match the care for her. Unfortunately the mother of the other family we visit is not at home. We only meet the father with the youngest child and the disabled daughter, lying in her hammock.

Bob brought a bucket filled with all kinds of products to the families and staff of the Bible school, as Christmas gift. This was appreciated very much.

For twho times we have been to two slums to bring food with a group of people from the church in Hua Hin. So we fully realize how fortunate we are here in the Netherlands.

Jan and Janny

Travelogue 2013

This year Jan and I have been back for four weeks to Thailand. Together with Bob we visited the Karen Refugees in Pala - U. We would go to the two families we also visited last year. We are allowed to take pictures to show at home and to those who have donated money.

We decided that we do not want gifts anymore on our birthdays, and if people still want to give something, then we would like to receive gift for the project. This resulted in a nice amount of money. From the parents in law of one of our children we also received the contents of the charity pot of their cafeteria. From the talk group of the church we also received the contents of their 'pot'. In this way we could surprise Bob with a nice amount and we bought extra things in terms of food and toys for the children.

Nong Ai Nong Ai Olifant gezin


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