Travel Tips for Jamaica


Keep in Mind...

  • It's the home of reggae From ska, rock steady and dancehall to anything by Bob Marley, you'll hear a lot of great music wafting through the hotel lobbies and vibrating poolside.
  • It's the home of jerk seasoning This spicy-smoky rub tastes good on many types of meat, fish and even tofu. Try it for yourself and then take a few jars home.
  • It's the home of James Bond Author Ian Fleming wrote many novels and short stories about the secret agent from his home on the north coast.

To many, Jamaica is the heart of the Caribbean. The birthplace of reggae music, the Rastafari movement and all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica symbolizes many of the things most loved and, perhaps, most misunderstood about the region. A simple remedy to clear the confusion? Come to the land of sugar cane, coffee and limestone, and form your own opinion. Your new ideas are bound to be swathed in cream-colored beaches, bordered by rugged Blue Mountains, anchored in foamy waterfalls and set to a dancehall soundtrack.

Most who travel here don't leave the comforts of their all-inclusive resort; those who do typically don't venture too far outside their immediate area. As the third-largest island of the Caribbean, Jamaica is hard to cover in one trip. Rather, it's best to choose your activities and vacation priorities, then make your hotel plans accordingly. Of the three main tourist pockets on the island, westernmost Negril is popular for its beaches and upscale accommodations; northwestern Montego Bay is well-liked by golfers; and Ocho Rios in the northeast appeals most to adventurous types. Some (but not many) visitors choose the eastern area of Port Antonio to try the top-notch surfing at Boston Bay Beach, the hiking along the Blue Mountains and the river rafting along the Rio Grande.

How To Save Money in Jamaica

  • Learn to haggle Bargaining for a better price is expected and encouraged in many souvenir shops. When visiting the craft vendors or taking a cab ride, don't accept the first amount quoted to you.
  • Pay for it all upfront Jamaica is the nerve center of the all-inclusive. Many of the resorts include more than just food and drinks in their packages.
  • Eat on the go The tastiest food is sold by street vendors, and often costs far less than restaurant cuisine.
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Popular Q&A
How to Pick a Jamaica Travel Destination

Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, and visitors have a wide range of destinations to choose from once they make the initial decision to vacation in the land of reggae and jerk. Whether you desire nightlife, great beaches, a secluded getaway, or the opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture, there's a Jamaican destination that's right for you.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Jamaica?

The cheapest time to travel to Jamaica is during the peak of Hurricane season with the cheapest month being September. Also book you flight and your return on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and you will save even more money. The most expensive time is February.

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