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Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia. Most people coming into the region fly into Bangkok and make that their base for doing the circuit around Southeast Asia. With its lush jungles, famed beaches, world-class diving, amazing food, and cheap prices, Thailand attracts visitors from all walks of life. You can find cheap guesthouses and resorts that charge $10, 000 a night in this country – sometimes even next to each other. Travel through Thailand is really easy. The country is a well-worn destination on the backpacking trail and everything is convenient and easy. Though well on the map, there are still good destinations to visit away from the tourist masses and prices. Overall, Thailand speaks for itself. It’s so well known around the world that when you hear the name, you already think about beaches, beauty, jungles, and food. And your thoughts are dead on.

Typical Costs

Accommodation – Thailand is very cheap, though the north is far cheaper than Bangkok and the southern islands. You can find cheap guesthouses for as little 235 THB per night in cities and 135 THB per night in the countryside. On the islands or for a nicer room with air-conditioner, expect to pay 575 THB and up per night. Basic bungalows cost the same. Hotels start at around 1, 350 THB per night and go up from there. Big resorts on the islands start at 1, 685 THB per night for a bungalow on the beach. Suk 11 Guesthouse (Bangkok), Chada Guesthouse (Bangkok), Julies (Chiang Mai), Kodchasri B&B (Chiang Mai), Pooh’s (Ko Lipe), Greenhouse (Khao Yai) are my favorite places to sleep in the country.

Food – Food is really cheap in Thailand. Street food costs as little as 20 THB per meal, though on average you’ll spent about 35-50 THB per meal if you eat on the street. If you eat local food you can eat for around 120-170 THB a day. Western dishes cost between 170-340 THB, though they can be higher in the fancier western establishments. Isao Sushi (Bangkok), Catalana Tapas (Bangkok), Om Ganesh Indian (Ko Phangan), and Dada Kafe (Chiang Mai) are four of my favorite restaurants in Thailand.

Transportation – Like everything in Thailand, transportation is also cheap. Local buses cost as little as 8 THB per trip, the Metro and Skytrain in Bangkok cost 15-50 THB per trip, and metered taxi rides are usually 60-100 THB each. Tuk-tuks are un-metered and generally more expensive, costing 100-235 THB per ride. Motorbike taxis (in orange vests in Bangkok) are available all over the country with short trips costing about 35 THB. Train service around the country is cheap – day trains cost as little as 235 THB. Night trains start around 575 THB for second-class without air-conditioning. Boats to the islands cost 235-475 THB. It’s often better to get a bus/boat package then pay for them separately.

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