Travel At The speed of Thought

Flash #240 “Fast Money, part three: Broken News”
Tom Peyer, writer
Freddie Williams II, penciler

In the recent Flash #240, Flash rushes across town to battle the villainous gorilla Grodd (and for those of you not up on your Flash lore, Grodd is an super-intelligent gorilla with mind control powers).

Flash (monologue): Please Please Please. Let me see Grodd first — because if his force of mind kicked in — well, I’m faster than light but a helluva lot slower than thought. If he saw me first, I’m dead.

scene from Flash #240 Just like the Mirror Master, Flash seems very confused by the difference between the speed of thought and the speed of light.

The speed of light is roughly 670 million miles per hour. Thought is a process involving neurons in the brain, and is thus subject to the speed at which impulses can travel along nerves. Depending on which nerves are involved, transmission speed can vary; regardless, nerve conduction tops out at around 250 miles per hour — six orders of magnitude slower than the speed of light (plus Flash is faster than the speed of light).

Even if you want to get metaphysical and claim that the “speed of thought” refers to something abstract which does not obey the rules of physics, remember that Flash is concerned that Grodd may see him first. Eyesight relies on light reaching the eyes and is thus dependent on the speed of light. Since Flash is moving faster than the speed of light, he should reach Grodd well before he can be seen.

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Traveling At The Speed Of Thought
Traveling At The Speed Of Thought
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Popular Q&A
Do thoughts travel at the speed of light? a "sense", I believe they do. Here's why. We are all familiar with Einstein's Theory of Relativity...E=Mc2... Energy (E) equals (=) mass (M) times the speed of light (c) squared (2). Since thought is an energy wave pattern, and can be received or perceived within a quantitative state of merely millionths of seconds, then would it not suffice to say that it travels at the speed of light? And...if this BE the case,due to the fact that "thinking actually slows down a persons ability to act quickly, then it would also suffice to say, that thought in itself, no matter how crazy thi…

Do thoughts travel faster than the speed of light?

Yes, thought energy can travel faster than the speed of light. More questions? loves to answer!

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