Pack your suitcase: important instructions

Packing your suitcases before the trip, you always want to take everything you need, but also not to overload the suitcase. Finding a middle ground between the abundance of unnecessary things on the trip and the most necessary is not easy, the process of packing a suitcase or backpack requires either considerable skill, or careful, advance preparation.

Before packing a suitcase, it is better to write (not only have in your head) a detailed list of what you plan to take on a trip. Everything should be included in the list, down to the smallest detail, be sure to indicate the quantity: in a hurry it is easy to miss out on necessary items that, it would seem, are impossible to forget, for example, first lady church suits.

The list will be easier to compose if you break down all things into several categories (for example, clothes, shoes, bath accessories, documents, and so on).

Be sure to prepare all the necessary documents before traveling. It is useful to have a small bag that can be carried into the cabin, it is convenient to carry with you in a car or train, and carry all the most valuable things in it.

Photocopies of all necessary documents are recommended. To be safe from loss of documents, it is advisable to have copies of them in electronic form, in the form of photos on a smartphone or scans in e-mail.

It is safer to keep money not on one card, but on several ones, in different banks. But make sure that you have cash with you in the currency used in the host country.

A small map of the area where you plan to travel will be necessary too. In such cases, the application map on the smartphone will help out.

If you have a trip in your own car, you should take care of the valid insurance for transport, timely inspection, and it is also important to have driving license and power of attorney.

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