If you have a toothache while traveling

So that nothing extraordinary happens to you on a trip, make it a rule twice a year, for preventive purposes, to undergo a dental examination with Dentist in Crawley. It is necessary to do this precisely so that during the trip you do not receive a surprise in the form of a sudden onset of the inflammatory process. If you travel often, purchase insurance separately - from a well-established company and be sure to check before purchasing whether you will be provided with dental care, if necessary. Since any way to numb a toothache is only a temporary measure, if inflammation occurs, the tooth must be urgently treated.

Garlic and onion juice, to which you need to add a teaspoon of salt, will help relieve a sudden toothache. Soak a cotton pad in this juice and apply to a sore tooth.

In case of severe pain, massage your earlobe for 5 minutes: this maneuver will help not only distract from thoughts of the tooth. It is believed that there are many active areas on the ears that can be used to improve the functioning of internal organs. According to acupuncture, there are points on the earlobes that are responsible for the upper and lower jaw and for the health of the teeth.

In case of acute toothache, it is strictly forbidden to make warming compresses or use, for example, a hair dryer to warm up the sore spot. This can worsen the condition and provoke an even greater exacerbation of the inflammatory process. The same applies to rinsing solutions: they must be done using water at room temperature. Excessive heating is dangerous. Do not use alcohol as a pain reliever and, moreover, rinse your mouth with it. Do not take antibiotics without consulting your dentist.

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