Travel Risk Management

As an employer, you should always know where and when your employees are in any given location. You must also know how to find them and communicate with them, should the need arise. It’s not just about supporting compliant travelers anymore. Supporting all your employees is your new obligation.

Concur Messaging integrates independent, real-time risk assessments with employee location and travel itinerary data, giving you a single view into every employee’s whereabouts and a simple system for tailored, one-way and two-way communication.

Track your entire team’s location in one place and in real time.

Without all of your data, it’s impossible to support all of your employees. Concur Messaging consolidates all of your employee location and itinerary data in one place, then presents it in an easy-to-use, dynamic map, so no matter where or when a crisis arises, you can see every member of your team that may be affected:

  • Employees’ itineraries can be merged with data feeds from your global distribution system (GDS) and travel management company (TMC), as well as your human resources information, giving you a single view of their precise location.
  • Get updated team member location information and itinerary data in real time.
  • Locate employees with interactive maps; filter by geography/risk; initiate 2-way communication.
  • Stay informed of world events around the clock with automated impact analysis matched to employees’ current locations.
  • Define automated intelligent workflows based on determined risk-level assessments.

Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

By integrating all of your data, you get a single view of all your employees. Concur Messaging uses a time-tested, two-way communication system, so you can deliver urgent tailored or trigger-based messages (text, email or app) directly to each of your employees whether they’re on the road, at their desk or anywhere in between:

  • Use phone, email and text to reach your travelers and confirm that your messages are received.
  • Count on multiple gateways to deliver/receive traveler communication for any country they’re in.
  • Get pre-trip alerts, risk-level information, destination intelligence and other destination details.
  • Track communication with a single, simple, color-coded map rather than manually managed files.
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