Travel restrictions during pregnancy

By Stacie Dunkle

“We don’t recommend international travel during pregnancy for first-time mothers, ” said my nurse midwife. Those words stopped me in my tracks. As an officer in the Epidemic Intelligence Service with three years of experience working overseas, I couldn’t believe what this nurse was telling me. Rarely a month went by that I wasn’t waiting in a security line at the airport. “Why?” I asked. I was up-to-date on all of my vaccines, even yellow fever, which I knew shouldn’t be given during pregnancy, and I was well-practiced in methods for staying healthy in developing countries (wearing seatbelts and avoiding untreated drinking water, food from street vendors, raw vegetables, etc.). I began to wonder how I was going to break the news to my supervisor that I wouldn’t be able to conduct the investigation we were planning in Nepal in two weeks. We had been preparing for over a month. Our colleagues on the ground were ready to go, and my plane tickets were already booked.

Priority parking sign depicting pregnant, elderly, or handicapped individualsReality Check

When my partner and I decided to have a baby, I knew that once our little one arrived, my life would change dramatically. There would be no more hopping on planes to far-off places during public health emergencies—I’d have to think about who would watch my baby and how I’d cope with potentially missing all those precious moments with him. Still, the decision was easy since I had always wanted to have children and I was finally at a point in life when the timing felt right. Pregnancy can be a difficult thing to plan, of course, so when it did happen, somehow it still felt unexpected. Even more unexpected was how much my life was suddenly changing before the baby had even arrived.

Pregnant woman standing by a cactus close-up picture of a newborn baby's face
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