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Like hairdressers, groomers prosper by building a loyal clientele.Like hairdressers, groomers prosper by building a loyal clientele.

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Dog grooming is the canine equivalent of a trip to the day spa. Services vary from groomer to groomer, but typically include shampooing and nail trimming as well as brushing and cutting. Large grooming chains typically pay a low hourly wage, while independent grooming salons pay their groomers by the dog.

National Averages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics groups dog groomers with other off-farm animal caretakers, including those at kennels and veterinary offices. In its May 2011 report, the median income of these workers was $9.38 per hour, or $19, 510 per year based on a 40-hour work week. The lowest 10 percent of earners reported incomes up to $16, 310 per year, while the highest 10 percent earned $31, 210 or more. Many hotels offer grooming services for travelers' pets, and paid an average of $30, 090 per year. Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers paid an average of $19, 820 per year, while Other Personal Services averaged $22, 080 per year. These categories included pet stores and grooming outlets.

Industry Statistics

Industry publication eGroomer issues an annual survey of grooming businesses, and a more accurate assessment of groomers' income can be gleaned from its 2012 State of the Industry report. Groomers typically earn 50 percent of the cost of an individual grooming, which averaged $44.50 in-shop or $63.25 by a mobile groomer. The survey shows that 29 percent of groomers finish five dogs or fewer per day; 42 percent do six or seven; and a further 19 percent groom eight to 11 dogs per day. These figures provide the data necessary to construct an accurate income range.

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Income Ranges

At an average commission of $22.25 per dog in the salon, a groomer finishing five dogs per day would earn $111.25 per day or $556.25 per week. At 50 weeks per year, that's $27, 812.50. On the same basis, a groomer finishing seven dogs per day would earn $38, 937 per year. Eight dogs per day would add up to $44, 500 per year, and 11 dogs equals $61, 187 per year. Because of travel time, mobile groomers see fewer dogs per day, but are often self-employed and keep the full dollar amount of the grooming after deducting costs. Five to seven dogs per day equals a gross income of $79, 062 to $110, 687.

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