Travel 7 months pregnant

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to pause your travels. You can easily travel if you’re having a normal, healthy pregnancy. Whilst pregnant with my first child we went to Japan for a week and while pregnant with #2 we travelled constantly over the course of the first six months throughout Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. If I can do it, so can you.

Here are some tips and things to be mindful of if you’re planning on travelling while pregnant:

Tips for Travelling While Pregnant

Avoid travelling in the first trimester. The first three months of a pregnancy can be difficult. Morning sickness, food aversions and low energy are not really conducive for travel. Travelling in the second trimester is great. Most women find this the easiest trimester because energy returns, morning sickness ends and you’re still relatively normal-sized. Travel in the third trimester can be done but limit yourself to short trips. You’ll be bigger, less mobile, more tired and need beaucoup de bathroom breaks.

Pick the right destination. This can be key to how much you enjoy your travels while pregnant. Places that are too hot or crowded can be hard work if your travelling with a big bump. You don’t want to be travelling for hours by bus or car either as pregnancy can play havoc with your bladder.

Factor in flight time. Flying can be uncomfortable at the best of times. 11 hours squished into a back row, economy class seat is even less fun at 30 weeks pregnant… believe me! We had a shockingly uncomfortable return flight from Tokyo to Auckland. If you are travelling long haul, look for opportunities to break travel up into more manageable flight segments. Look into the quality and comfort of the airline, especially the seats, before you book any flights. If you can afford it, business class makes for very comfortable pregnant flying!

Stay on the beaten path. Don’t plan on being too far from a good doctor or hospital just in case complications arise. It’s not worth the risk.

Don’t stuff your itinerary with too much activity. Plan on having downtime, naps and rest days where you just chill by the pool or in a comfy hotel room.

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