Travel at 32 weeks pregnant

jade and bob lookout mountainLast time we chatted about the little ole baby, we were 12 weeks along and had just started telling our friends and family. I had been been on 7 trips at that point- with some awesome first trimester morning sickness. By the time I flew to Virginia Beach to meet my mom for a girls weekend getaway story for Travel Mindset, I had flying while pregnant sick down to a science.

Fast forward to now, 32 weeks along and only 8 more to go.Five months! I’m hoping for 8 more cause let’s be honest… I’m not a huge fan of being pregnant. Super pumped about the baby at the end of the tunnel though- don’t get me wrong. I’ve had dreams of me, Bob and baby going off on adventures, all the cute sunglasses and matching bikinis we’ll wear, Bob teaching her Spanish so she can talk with her niece, showing her all the awesome places we have fallen in love with in hopes that she’ll love them too, and just generally getting to know her personality. Who is she going to resemble? Will she have our same sense of humor? Will she love travel as much as we do?

To not make this post too sentimental, I thought I’d share just a few highlights from this whole journey.

5.5 months in Malibu 6 months! 7 months! (in Mt. Hood) 8 months in St. Augustine!
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32 Weeks Pregnant
32 Weeks Pregnant
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Tips on traveling with my 32 week pregnant girlfriend.? | Yahoo Answers

Oh wow, i hope everything is ok, but first youll want to clear it with her doctor and make sure its ok to even be flying!! and your doctor should be able to give you some tips and things like that. But if the doctor says dont go i wouldnt do it. your babe is important.
and obviously your not driving considering your going to jamaica. unless your going by boat. which then you can bring comfy pillows.
oh. yeah. and for the swelling when your flying there are some things that can help with that. talk to your doctor about swelling and getting some for her legs. the elevation can do insa…

Would you travel by airplane at 32 weeks pregnant? | Yahoo Answers

I have an opportunity to take a trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid. The flight is about 6 1/2 hours long and I would be flying out at 31 weeks and back at 32 weeks.
My doctor gave me the go ahead and wrote me a letter saying I'm fit to travel until 34 weeks but she cautioned me that if I go into preterm labor...

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