Travel 9 months pregnant

Train TravelDuring the entire duration of your pregnancy, everything that you do has an impact on your baby- the food that you eat, your positive attitude and even the way you walk and sleep. Even if you don’t do anything, that is, if you just lie on a bed and rest for entire 9 months that also would have some not-so-welcome impact on your health!
It is therefore, essential for you to be extremely cautious at this time of your life. While travelling must be avoided during pregnancy, there are times and situations when you may unwillingly need to do the same. If that sounds like you, don’t worry, we’ve explained below how you could make train travel safer for you and your unborn baby.

Expert Opinion:

So who should avoid travelling by train during their pregnancy?

  • Women with a history of miscarriage should not attempt any kind of travelling until they are well into their 5thmonth.
  • Women with a history of premature delivery should avoid travelling during pregnancy by train in their last couple of months of pregnancy to be safe.
  • On the other hand, if you are gliding well through your pregnancy and having no complications or troubles whatsoever, there’s no harm travelling, provided you take the necessary precautions.

Profile photo of ShahidaIf you’re concerned, you could always consult your obstetrician and know about the risk factors you may be prone to and then arrive at a decision.

Make Safe Train Travel During Pregnancy:

Is it safe to travel by train during pregnancy? Okay, so you’re in a situation where there’s absolutely no way out and you have to travel by train- don’t worry, here we’ve listed down some amazing tips that will help you glide through the journey easily and without any risks to your little baby.

1. Pack Early:

Pack all the stuff that you need, from extra clothes, towels, to your medications and other essentials. It is best to have everything close to you while you travel.

2. Be Prepared:

Make sure you carry anti-nausea stuff with you. This may differ from woman to woman and if you have a special inclination towards that pack of mints or that beauty soap, carry it in your handbag to curb any nausea or morning sickness that you may feel during the travel.

3. Doesn’t Lift Heavy Stuff:

Carrying heavy load is the last thing you would want during pregnancy.Hire a porter or ask your hubby dear to help you get your luggage on board.

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