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Fremont Street ExperienceFremont Street used to be dominated by classic but less-frequented casinos that seemed past their prime. But now, this section of downtown Las Vegas is once again ready to compete with the Strip for visitors' attention. The Fremont Street Experience — occupying, several blocks of Fremont Street near the Mob Museum — dazzles visitors with an immense LED canopy and 555, 000-watt sound system that provide six-minute intervals of entertainment every hour on the hour between 6 and 11 p.m. When the light show isn't taking place on the Viva Vision canopy, visitors can keep themselves occupied with a variety of distractions, including food stands, souvenir stores and a zipline that travels length of the pedestrian walkway (about five football fields long).

Most travelers were very impressed by the overhead light show, though some say the overall atmosphere here can be a bit unnerving, especially at night. One TripAdvisor user "loved walking and checking out the sights, but we also found it to be a little sketchy. We would never take our kids there."

You can visit the Fremont Street experience at any time of day or night, although be sure to keep your wits about you after dark. Admission to the area is free, though some of the attractions located under the Viva Vision canopy will cost extra. To learn more, visit the Fremont Street Experience's website.

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