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More than Wine: Make a Change, Work from Home

Grapes come in thousands of different varieties. Not all are meant to become your favorite cabernet or pinot grigio, but each one has a unique flavor and purpose.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are just like grapes in that regard – each individual has a unique personality and purpose. With different needs, different dreams, and different goals, every Wine Guide has his or her own reasons for becoming part of the Traveling Vineyard family.

Christi, for example, was eager to make a change. She’s a hard-working, career-driven woman. Before she became an independent marketing rep (aka Wine Guide) with Traveling Vineyard, her career kept her away from her family, working long days and well into the night. Her daughter was born, and Christi found herself at a crossroads – how could she continue to be successful without sacrificing her family? She loved being a businesswoman, but needed to better balance her career and family life.
“I did a lot of research, ” Christi says, “and the wine business was a place I wanted to go.” In the year since she joined Traveling Vineyard, she’s found the balance she was seeking and, with their support, even more.

There are a lot of people just like Christi – they know they want to make a major change in their lives, but they aren’t sure what to do. For Christi, when she discovered Traveling Vineyard, she found a legitimate work from home job that allowed her to find that missing balance she needed. What she didn’t know was just how much more she would get from being an independent marketing rep.

How can I make a major life change without completely turning my life upside down?

With her young family depending on her, Christi couldn’t just quit her job. She had to be responsible. She discovered she could break into the wine industry without being a wine expert, and she began hosting wine tasting events for Traveling Vineyard. “Within a year of doing this, I make more money than I did when I worked 25 years in the media, ” says Christi, and she’s not alone.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides learn how to make extra money. More than that, though, they learn how to be an entrepreneur without the major financial risk that comes with running their own businesses. Christi was able to quit her 25-year career when her income from Traveling Vineyard was enough to replace her full-time salary.

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Vineyard translates to vignoble in French and wine tasting translates to dégustation de vin. Thanks for using

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