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WiBN is moving toward eight years of providing encouragement and empowerment to women through education, resources and recognition. In January 2014, Women in Business Networking (WiBN) and your Better Business Bureau (BBB) joined together – all with the common mission to build excellent resources and positively impact the women who live and work in our communities. Alongside BBB, WiBN offers women more than a hundred opportunities to build relationships and experience success both in their careers and personal lives.

Along the way, we have been proud to offer opportunities no other organization has offered in the Dayton region. The vision has always included bringing excellence through the attraction and retention of business women who desire to support one another – to feel the capacity of “we are in this together”. The program strives to help women collaborate across the many areas we all live and work in, (entrepreneurship, corporate and non-profit environments) throughout the region with like-minded support from community partners. For the past eight years, partnering with corporations and businesses that support the mission of WiBN creates a natural pipeline to fill the needs of our community of women.

Employees, Volunteers and Community Partners

Of course, delivering encouragement and empowerment through education, resources and recognition requires a multitude of dedicated and compassionate employees, volunteers and community partners – all working together to provide the best ever to our community.

As the largest women’s networking organization in the Dayton region, we are committed to reflecting the women we serve and celebrate the diversity of the WiBN members and Accredited Businesses and Charities.

A Strong Community of Women is Where it Starts

With a mission to build support and encouragement, WiBN continues to grow to better serve women throughout the nation. Based on a foundation set more than seven years ago, WiBN has embraced the necessary changes to encumber the growth it desires; to create the norm of women supporting one another through encouragement and empowerment.

WiBN Conference 2015 logoWiBN is committed to being the place where support starts. We look forward to a bright future. Many thanks to those for being a part of it.

Two life changing events took place in my life in May of 2014. My son, Thomas, married the love of his life, Xiaohe, and I embarked on an “adventure” called Bridges 2 Success, a mentoring program through WiBN. Little did I know at the time how these two events would change my life.

With the popularity of the internet and online companies like Vista Print offering 500 business cards for $10, keeping our doors open as printers was becoming a challenge. Several of our clients had either moved or gone out of business. Our future as a printing business did not look promising.

My experience over the last 30 years with design, traveling, cooking, gardening, throwing parties and printing had created a strong yearning in my heart for more challenging and fun projects that called for more creativity. I kept asking myself “which path do I take, what direction do I go?” I prayed for wisdom.

Jane Abell 2012 Friends of WiBN logo with words in flower Alexis Gomez 5 Daria (2)
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