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Beer ping pong or beer pong is the most popular college drinking game on practically any campus. No matter who you ask, no other drinking game is as well known. If you drink, you know about beer pong. But do you know the official rules?

Warning .. before reading any further you must understand that drinking in college is almost always against the law. You can vote, drive a car or go to war but having a cold beer is a crime. We do not encourage any alcohol game to those underage. Our primary demographic are 60 year old men who just enrolled in college. With that said …

Knowing the rules of beer ping pong will help keep you on the winning side of the game. There are always jokers out there that forget to tell you about those weird rules, until you already halfway in the bag and can’t remember anything anyway. Just try to remember that there are lots of different versions of beer ping pong, so be sure to get the house rules before you start.

The Basics of Beer Ping Pong

Beer ping pong can be played anywhere if you have a table. Watch out for all those people trying to sell “official” beer pong tables because any table will do. Beer pong is a good cheap game because all you really need are disposable cups, ping pong balls and, of course, beer!

Get your team of one to four drinkers together to begin. Arrange your 10 cups on your end of the table and your opposing team will arrange theirs on the opposite end. Each player tosses a ping pong ball towards the opposing team’s cups, trying to land the ball in one of the cups.

How You Get Drunk Playing Beer Ping Pong

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The ultimate goal of the game is to get drunk and have fun, while clobbering your friends on the other team. The better your team is at getting ping pong balls into the cups of the other team, the quicker they get drunk. The drunker the other team gets, the worse they play and the funnier they are.

Two-on-Two Beer Ping Pong Rules

You can liven up any game of beer pong by changing up the rules a bit to make it harder or easier. Yet the traditional game of two-on-two beer pong is still the most popular and the most fun.

To begin, organize your cups into the shape you want. This is called racking. One team will begin and will shoot all their balls before the other side gets a chance to retaliate.

If two balls land in the same cup, the tossing team has bombed. This is a good thing! The other side has to drink three of their cups of beer (poor them!). The shooting team gets their balls back and can shoot again.

If two balls land in two different cups, the other team only has to drink two of their cups. But the shooting team gets the balls back and can shoot again.

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