Go to the next level of riding with the best magnetic stirrups

If you want to take your riding experience to the next level, Ophena safety stirrups are for you. The magnetic handle will improve your control, foot position and confidence so you can take the next step. They are designed for show jumping and used by riders in all disciplines. Magnetic safety stirrups are even ordered by riders who have previously had knee and hip injuries, as they guarantee comfort and safety.

These magnetic safety stirrups meet the FEI Jumping, British Jumping, USEF / USHJA Show Jumping requirements and more.

What advantages do magnetic safety stirrups have?

  • Compatible with your riding boots. The magnet is attached to the insole and to the stirrup itself for comfort while riding.
  • Work with regular straps
  • Ideal for both training and competition. These magnetic safety stirrups are used for riding on any surface and in any weather.
  • Step slope 4 °
  • Optimal foot position. Your foot will never slip or fall out of the stirrup, that makes increased leg stability.
  • FEI approved
  • Durable, timeless design. Moreover, you can choose a stylish color in grey or black onyx shades.
  • Deep center of gravity
  • Made in Sweden
  • Modern and stylish

What do you need to do to order the best magnetic safety stirrups?

First, choose which one you like best. If you prefer the classics, then you should choose Ophena S, if you want something new, then you should consider Ophena S Pro.

Next, you need to decide on the color: gray or black onyx.

After that, think about the size of the insole with a built-in magnet.

Add your purchase to cart and pay. Then you just have to wait a little and you will have your lovely magnetic safety stirrups for a comfortable ride.

Image by giannino nalin from Pixabay

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