Travel Tips for Italy in September

I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy. I studied abroad in Florence, traveled up and down the peninsula, and seem to keep returning.

In that time, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about what to do and not to do in Italy. Here are my best tips for having a great time in Italy!

Italy in General

  • Italy is great and much more tolerable outside peak season. Try not to visit in the summer, especially August, when Italians go away.
  • Drivers in Italy get crazier the further south you go. City driving is for expert drivers only.
  • Be prepared to cover up at churches — don’t wear shorts, and bring a scarf to cover your shoulders if necessary. If not, you might have to wear the dreaded paper shawl.
  • Buy tickets to the most famous museums in advance, and don’t even think about not doing this in the high season.
  • Know that everyone will be dressed MUCH better than you. If you want to blend in, wear lots of black, designer sunglasses, and great shoes.
  • Ladies, if you need a self-esteem boost, go walk through a market. Every man will be telling you how beautiful you are.

Food in Italy

  • Want to blend in? Don’t drink cappuccino after 10:00 AM.
  • Don’t eat at any restaurant named after a monument, city or famous artist. These are usually geared toward tourists.
  • For the best food, head for the source: Parma for prosciutto, Capri for ravioli caprese, Umbria for truffles, Tuscany for steaks, Liguria for pesto genovese. Beyond that, every town has its own specialty.
  • Emilia-Romagna is Italy’s best food region, and Bologna, its capital, is Italy’s best food city.
  • Drink the house wine — always. It’s delicious and almost laughably cheap for the quality that you get.
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what should I pack to travel italy in september? | Yahoo Answers

Spring and summer clothing and a light jacket!

Travel tips to Rome Italy?

To do Rome correctly you will require the following:

  • Twice as much time as you scheduled,
  • Twice as much money as you budgeted, and
  • A lot more patience then you were born with.

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