Travel Aids for dogs

Each year, about 30 million Americans take their pets along when they travel, with a whopping 76 percent traveling with their companion animals by car or other motor vehicle, according to the Travel Industry Association of America. The majority of the pets who hit the road are dogs, and those who plan to rove with Rover are well advised to plan ahead and take along certain first aid and safety items, and also to expect the unexpected.

First, learn how to securely restrain dogs in a vehicle

Before I list the first aid items you should take along for car trips with your pooches, I can’t overemphasize the importance of properly restraining dogs when traveling. Indeed, dogs who are permitted to sit on drivers’ laps, poke their heads out of car windows and otherwise move freely about a vehicle are responsible for causing tens of thousands of accidents each year.

Aside from distracting drivers, AAA points out that in the event of a collision, your pooch can act as a furry projectile with forces of 500 pounds or more. Many states have passed pet restraint laws and will heavily fine drivers whose pets are not properly secured in a vehicle. In New Jersey (where I live), pet parents can be fined from 0 to , 000 for traveling with pets who are not properly restrained.

There are now a wide number of pet car-restraint products on the market, such as those available from companies like Kurgo and K9 Car Fence (pictured above), just to name a few. So please research and invest in a sturdy restraint expressly designed for traveling by motor vehicle with dogs.

Now, let’s get to your first aid kit:

Research dog first aid

The first things you should have in your dog first aid arsenal when traveling with canines by car is a good first aid manual. My friend and colleague Amy Shojai put out the comprehensive . There’s also the handy “Pet First Aid” guide released by the American Red Cross, which is now available as an app. In addition, you should record the names, addresses and phone numbers of emergency veterinary facilities along your route and destination, as well as the number for a pet poison control hotline. The ASPCA operates a 24-hour Animal Poison Control Center helpline at (888) 426-4435.

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