Travelers Insurance Independence Ohio

Corporate Floors has a history of working with CBRE and Travelers Insurance locations in cities across the country. When Travelers’ had special project needs in Independence, Ohio, we didn’t hesitate to make the trip north.

The Challenge:

CBRE/Travelers needed to replace the carpet in an occupied office. The expense of removing furniture and displacing employees from the space was too great to perform a traditional carpet installation.

The Approach:

Corporate Floors dispatched our lift experts, including a superintendent, leading installer and supporting team. We installed 3, 474 total yards of Interface Lightbox/Jamboree & Platform/ Nubian carpet.

In addition to the lift installation, our team took the burden of packing file cabinets from the end user.

The Result:

The installation took only 14 days, and was completed a full week ahead of schedule and within budget.

A follow-up message from the client speaks to end result:

“I’ve been meaning to tell you how great everything looks. I really appreciate the regular updates and the pictures, which I’ve been sharing with the Travelers Real Estate people here in Dallas.

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