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Travel Opportunities for people who like travelLet me take a wild guess here; I suspect you like travel?

Well you are reading a great website about travel so I think I could be along the right lines.

So why are you reading this blog? Are you also a traveler, do you just like the stories or maybe you actually aspire to travel?

If you search the internet you will find many travel blogs, often offering a unique and independent view of travel.

You maybe wonder how these people can drop everything and afford to travel. Maybe they have some wealth, rich benefactors or there is something they are not telling you? Or as in most cases they are working whilst travelling.

This may sound great but it is a daunting prospect. You want to go somewhere but you need a visa. Yet you need some work lined up at your location to get the visa? Okay but you can’t get the work until you are in the country so you need a visa. Bit of a catch 22. Do you get my drift?

travel industry job opportunitiesWell here is an alternative solution. Rather than trying to get there or save for a holiday to the unknown only to be plagued with diarrhea let someone else pay for you to go. Yes, find a career and an employer who will send you places and pay for your travel. You can try all sorts of places around your country or the world, even ones you never considered visiting.

All your visas are sorted and plane/train tickets paid for. Even your accommodation and meals can be covered too. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well here I list my :

1. Travel Industry

Well I suppose it goes without saying for the first one. If you want to travel then work with travel. By working for travel agents you will often receive discounted or free trips. Maybe to fill a quota or just to try a place out so you can tell customers what it is really like. Of course the more glamorous option is to work for a company who travels. Say be an air hostess or pilot. Work on a ship or rail company.

auditor travel job opportunities around the world Engineer /Builder travel job opportunities Consultant jobs travel opportunities Teaching-English travel job opportunities
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7 Travel Job Opportunities_ Jobs that Travel The World.flv
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