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Iowa’s location on the Mississippi River lends itself to a great history and state thriving with wonderful attractions. Travel nurses love the many steamboats that paddle their way up and down the river much like they did decades ago. Lewis and Clarke made their way through this great state and there are ample opportunities to retrace their famous steps. From Davenport to Des Moines, this great state will captivate any travel nurse.

You may not realize this but Iowa has a thriving wine country and great culinary scene. With 5 distinct wine trails, Iowa Wine Trail, Western Iowa Wine Trail, Amana Colonies Wine Trail, Heart of Iowa Wine Trail, and the Scenic Rivers Wine trail will keep sommeliers and travel nurses alike exploring this little known culinary gem. As you can imagine America’s bread basket offers the freshest of ingredients and restaurateurs use every bit of this to their advantage. Wine and food is not the only culinary scenes brewing in Iowa. You guessed it; Iowa is host to several fine microbreweries.

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