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Laura and Chris Husson, 35 and 38, on their 2013 wedding day. Chris lives 11,000 miles away in New ZealandLaura and Chris Husson, 35 and 38, on their 2013 wedding day. Chris lives 11, 000 miles away in New Zealand

More astonishingly, Laura's pregnancy does nothing to change that. They are just one example of an increasingly common trend.

According to a study by the Universities of London and Bradford, one in ten adults in Britain are in a relationship, but not living with their partner — a phenomenon known as 'living apart together'.

It seems strange any married couple would chose such a set-up, but thanks to children from previous relationships, a global economy that means jobs are often abroad and the ease of air travel, it has become a reality for many.

Despite their distance, Laura and Chris decided to have another child. Laura is now 28 weeks pregnantAnd surprisingly it's not the death knell to a marriage that you might think.

The City University of Hong Kong found that couples who participate in a healthy long-distance relationship are more likely to share meaningful thoughts and feelings than those who are not — which leads to a greater sense of intimacy. This can improve couples' sex lives when together, and their long-term prospects.

So how do you make a marriage work when you live in different countries?

Laura and Chris were well aware of the difficulties. In fact, they tried not to get involved with each other for that reason.

The couple guess that they have spent around £20,000 on 23 hour flights to see each otherLaura says it was love at first sight when she met Chris at a mutual friend's baptism in the UK in November 2010. They spent a blissful few days together before making a pact never to make contact again, assuming a relationship couldn't survive the distance.

'The feelings were intense, ' says Laura, who is MD of a web development company and has a daughter Ellen, six, from her first marriage.

'But pursuing a relationship seemed crazy since Chris has joint custody of his two sons, aged 11 and 13, in New Zealand and I could never move Ellen away from her dad and family here.'

Despite their distance, Laura and Chris decided to have another child. Laura is now 28 weeks pregnant

That winter, Chris flew back to New Zealand, where he'd emigrated aged 19. Three weeks later, his resolve crumbled and he emailed Laura.

'After six months of emailing and talking for hours at a time, we realised we'd fallen in love, which was odd given we hadn't had a sexual relationship, ' she says.

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