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Bing travel crunches over a billion airfares on a daily basis to bring you Price Predictors, and we use that data to uncover cheap airline tickets every day. To help you find great deals even faster, we are introducing “Autosuggest Flight Prices” which display flight prices and the Price Predictor for key markets directly in the search box. Before you ever hit the enter key, you will see our prediction for the best flight price deal over the next 90 days.

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With Autosuggest Flight Prices natural language capabilities, you can simply type “Fly to Chicago” or “Chicago Flights” and Bing will immediately recognize where you are, in this case Seattle, and instantaneously display the Price Predictor based on your location.

Building on our work in natural languages, Bing will do it’s best to recognize city and airport names which will improve as more people use the feature.

This is yet another example of how Bing helps you stop searching and start deciding. Please let us know what you think.

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