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Enjoy every last second of your next international jaunt by planning ahead to fight jet lag. With the proper preparations, you can maximize the most of your time away and soak up as much sunlight as possible.

Follow these 10 tips to beat jet lag:

  1. Make a sleep schedule: I’m what you would call a bad sleeper, at best. But what I am good at is planning, so for my trip to Portugal next month, I logged onto to create a free sleep schedule for myself while I’m exploring Lisbon. On the day I depart, I’ve been instructed to sleep as much as needed on the plane, and the online tool has sliced each hour of my day into categories, instructing me when to avoid light, when to seek light, and when my ideal sleep times should be. I also put the free app on my iPhone so I will always have access to my customized plan. Jetlag Rooster also has printable schedules and email attachments that sync with your calendar on your smart phone.
  1. Start adjusting in the comfort of your own home: Look at your calendar the week before the trip and see what you can alter in your evening routine before traveling. A good rule is this: try to alter your sleep schedule gradually, starting three days before departing. By changing your sleep schedule one hour each day, it should make for a smoother transition once you land at your destination.
  1. Consider buying supplements: Low-dose melatonin is a popular supplement for travelers. Common uses include treating insomnia and controlling sleep patterns. Adults should check with their doctor before traveling to see if this is a good option for them and what dosage they should take. Melatonin doesn’t have any side effects but for most people taking it, the supplement causes drowsiness. People planning on doing a lot of driving should avoid taking it, as should children and pregnant women. If you’re looking for something stronger, at this doctor’s appointment you can discuss the option of stronger prescription sleep aids, like Ambien, as well.

On the plane

  1. Avoid alcohol: The World Health Organization recommends that travelers limit their alcohol consumption during the flight to make sure people arrive at their destinations rested and relaxed. Booze might help some people sleep, but it also impairs the quality of sleep, which can do more harm than good. Also, having to get up to go to the restroom more frequently disturbs your sleep cycle as well as the person sitting next you to if he or she needs to move as well.
  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: The smarties at Harvard Medical School say that dehydration worsens the symptoms of jet lag, and because mild dehydration is common for flyers, it’s best to combat this by drinking even more water than usual. Start by having more water even before stepping foot on the plane and you’ll be in good shape. Don’t forget to continue to hydrate for the first 48 hours after arrival as well. Remember to pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on so you can fill up before getting on the plane.
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